Career Opportunities


Under the supervision of the director, provide assistance in guidance, supervision and case management services to youth in the independent living program. Assist the youth in coping with issues they may be confronted with and in strengthening their capacity to function productively, lessen their distress, and enhance their opportunities and capacities for success and fulfillment. Also provide supervision to life skill coaches/counselors and other volunteer or paid staff at the request of the agency directory.


-Assist in the pre-placement interview in order to assess the appropriateness of the placement of the youth in the Skill Builders program.

-Review with the executive director the potential student’s referral packet in order to obtain all necessary documents upon placement of the youth in the Skill Builders program.

-Prepare, complete and distribute required documents and reports for the program.

-Assist in preparing and maintaining case records as required by the licensing authority and by program policy and procedures.

-Maintain contact with both school officials and/or employment supervisors in order to obtain the status of youth as appropriate.

-Monitor medication management and therapy participation as prescribed.

-Assist the youth and their family members in maintaining a relationship and in preparing the youth for discharge.

-Assist the youth in utilizing appropriate community resources to provide them with services and maintain contacts with these community resources.

-Compose narrative chart notes relative to the progress of the youth in the Skill Builders program or in their lack of progress here.

-Liason between the executive director and life skills coaches/counselors and volunteers as well as with staff members from other agencies, schools or medical personnel as appropriate.

-Assist in documenting and maintaining statistical report and other reports as requested.

-Other duties as assigned.


-A baccalaureate degree in social work or field related to social work with two years of experience in providing case work services to children and families.

-Understanding of and agreement with the goals and purposes of the Skill Builders program.

-Experience in written documentation and reporting.

Send resume to or fax to 757-222-1973.